What is Homesharing?

Host today to experience new adventures.

Homesharing is a way to earn extra cash when you’re on the road – whether you are a weekend warrior or a digital nomad who loves exploring the world. For qualifying residents, our managed homesharing program provides you with extra income plus it allows you to travel our network — and Daydream helps manage the entire process.

Increase Your Financial Freedom

Offset 25% or more of your yearly rent.

Our managed homesharing service monetizes your apartment allowing you to offset 25% or more of your yearly rent. That’s $10,000 on average.*  Whether you are a weekend warrior or a digital nomad who loves exploring the world, our growing network of communities provides an easy, more economical way to leave town whenever you want.


*The average payout for bookings is approximately $85/night. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Potential revenue earned varies based on a number of factors including apartment size, décor, seasonality, demand, and how often your apartment is made available.

How It Works.

Daydream is your homeshare partner.

If you meet the city’s requirements to become a host, we help you register with the city and assist with the occupancy tax collection and remittance the city requires for every reservation. Plus, we have your apartment professionally photographed and publish your listing across multiple booking sites. We are the only homesharing partner that is listed on both AirBnB and VRBO so you are sure to get maximum distribution and robust marketing. Just let us know when you’re traveling and we’ll take care of the listing and guest experience for you.

Daydream Invests In You.

What Daydream does on your behalf.

Daydream invests in you, as a host, by including the following services and absorbing many of the homesharing costs:

  • Host insurance
  • Platform booking fees
  • Cleaning services before and after each stay
  • Guest communications and resolutions
  • Tax collection and remittance
  • General maintenance, repairs, and more.

Daydream cares about you

Safety, security, and your well-being.

Safety & Security

We understand that both privacy and safeguarding personal your belongings is very important to you. When you sign up to become a host, we install a lock on your master closet door so that you can put away anything that you don’t want guests to have access to. If you would like additional safety measures installed, we will work with you to add extra locks as needed. In other words, we are flexible to meet your needs so that you feel fully protected.


Cleanliness & Well-Being

Travelers and residents today expect safe surroundings to lay their heads wherever they call home for the night.

Let's get you started!

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’re interested in becoming a Host, reach out to us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Homesharing is available at Union Denver, The Grace, and The Griffin. However, the program will continue to roll out to multiple cities in the coming months.

Send us an email below to let us know you would like to become a homeshare host and the location you are interested in and a Host Experience Manager will reach out to you within one business day.

I'm Interested in Homesharing