Easy Tips to Make Your Space Homeshare-ready

One of the great things about living at Daydream is how easy we make it for you to get paid while you travel. We partner with you to create a seamless homesharing experience so that you can leave with peace of mind and come back to a squeaky-clean apartment and extra cash. Talk about leveling up your travel goals.

But even with our help there are still things you can do to help create a comfortable, secure, and welcoming space for your guests before you head out of town. These easy tips will have your guests already thinking of when they’ll be able to return to your home before they even leave it.

Get Comfy

You’re guaranteed to love your apartment as much as your guests will if you fill it with comfortable furniture, an area rug, eye-catching artwork, a mattress topper, extra pillows, and a comfy blanket or two. No need to purchase a set of sheets and towels for your guests – we replace yours with our own hotel-quality luxury linens, towels, and toiletries when you leave, then put all your linens back in their place before you return.


Stock Up

Soap, trash bags, paper towels, cutlery, dishware, laundry detergent… you know the drill. Stocking as many essentials as possible will help your guests feel well taken care of and will make your day-to-day life easier as well. See our Homesharing Brochure for a full list of required supplies.

Go Minimal

We’re not suggesting you empty your home of its personality—apartments that have the walls filled with décor and mirrors photograph beautifully and tend to receive more bookings than those that have more of a minimalist vibe. By minimal, we mean reducing clutter and personal items that your guests don’t need to see. The more organized and welcoming your apartment is, the more relaxed and peaceful they’ll feel.

  • Purchase a box or bin to place under your bathroom sink so you can easily put away your personal products (hairbrushes, cosmetics, shampoo, etc.)
  • Clear out your fridge from any food that might go bad while you’re away and leave an empty shelf for your guests to store their groceries.
  • Make room in the closet or in a bureau drawer.
  • Clear off the surfaces. You don’t need to get rid of those beautiful plant-babies or jars of scented candles that decorate your desktop, bureau, or coffee table. But ditch the old catalogues and put your pens, sticky notes, and to-do lists in a drawer so your guests will have room to spread their own things out if needed. Just remember to leave your remotes where they can be easily found for when your guests want to turn on the TV or stereo.
  • Make sure the laundry has been removed from the washer and dryer and the dishes from the dishwasher before you leave.

Lock it Up

You’ll be able to focus on your own adventures more when you know that your important possessions are safely locked away before you leave. When you sign up to become a host, we install a lock on your master closet door so you can easily store anything you don’t want guests to have access to. Whatever it is – personal photos, jewelry, valuable electronics, medication, financial papers – just lock it and go.

And, because safety and wellbeing are our goals, we make it so you won’t need to worry about giving your keys to a stranger either. Your guests will receive a unique lock code for the duration of their stay to ensure that they only have access where and when they should.

Enjoy Your Trip

Once you’ve got everything set up, Daydream will do the rest of the work. Your dedicated Homeshare Manager will guide you through the host process and answer any questions you may have. Our professional cleaning teams work their magic before and after every stay. And you won’t need to worry about receiving disruptive calls day and night while you’re gone, either, because we handle all communication with your guests.

From host insurance to tax remittance to multiple other services, we’ve got you covered, and your biggest responsibility is to manage the dates you’re away and have a great trip. We’d make another list right now but we’re pretty sure you’ve already got that one down.

Susan McDowell is a writer, poet, nature-lover, traveler, would-be artist, and ex-adventurer. Winner of The Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout Award for poetry, she contributes content to various blogs.

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