Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home: Rom Coms Not Required

If you and your Significant Other are considering staying close to home for Valentines’ Day this year, you’ll be in good company. Each other’s company, that is. While packs of your fellow romantics look to find suitable options in their city, you’ll be making a memorable Valentine’s Day at home. Here are a few ideas to help you start planning what just may become your favorite new tradition.

Chop it Like it’s Hot

Cancel the order to your usual take-out place, put that frozen pizza back for another day, and forget about microwaving the leftovers. Making a meal with one another can be more fun than you might imagine:

  • Remember the first dinner you ever cooked together – why not create the same dish again? Pour the same beverage or play that favorite soundtrack, then sprinkle in some memories of your favorite times together and you’ve got the perfect recipe for remembering what brought you both together in the first place.
  • Travel the world with a new cuisine: whether a savory Persian staple, homemade sushi rolls, or an iconic soul food dish, put a deliciously different twist on your meal. Extra points if you pair it with a movie set in the same location.
  • Or keep it simple with a cheese board and bottle of good wine. It doesn’t take long to craft a seriously Insta-worthy board – or to eat it either. There’s a lot to be said for a meal that offers low prep time and high enjoyment rewards.

Stay Wild

There’s a reason it’s called Valentine’s Day and not Valentine’s Night. Although evening celebrations are most common, if the holiday falls on a weekend why not take advantage of the extra time and head outdoors? Studies show that couples who share exciting activities together become closer due to a release of dopamine in the brain – the same dopamine that your body triggers when you first fall in love. To keep those happy hormones going, kick off your morning with a little outdoor adventure. If you live in Denver, plan a ski day. In Miami? Head to the beach. Chicago-lovers, ditch the indoor life and explore one of the city’s many outside skating rinks. And if your loved one seems just a little more unique and exciting to you by the time you get home, you’ve just scored the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Virtual Reality

If the weather’s putting a damper on your outdoor options, stay inside and amp up the fun with a slew of virtual activities. No matter what you’re into, there’s a video for that. Here are just a few ideas to zhoosh up your evening:

  • Earth Without “art” is Just “eh”

    Calling all culture lovers: touring the world’s greatest museums has never been as easy as it is today. From the Smithsonian to the Musée d’Orsay, over 2,000 museums and galleries now offer virtual tours and exhibits that will take your knowledge of history, art and science to a new level. Shoes optional.

  • Play the Game

    There’s no shortage of online options for game aficionados. Whether you’re into board games or escape rooms, Cnet has compiled a list that will keep you engaged if you’re playing alone, with your honey, or with a group of friends in a virtual get-together. Either way, you’ll give proof to the saying that the couple that plays together stays together.

  • Make it or Bake it

    More people than ever are trying their hand at cooking these days, and online courses for everything from vegan delights to classic Persian dishes, to a delicious sweet treat are just a click away. Because learning how to make food like a pro is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • The Easy Path Through the Grand Canyon

    Take it from those of us who know – The Bright Angel Trailhead is a challenging hike (and by challenging we mean brutal). Starting on the rim of the Grand Canyon and making your way down a steeply narrow path to the Colorado river, you begin to realize you’d mistaken the word elevation for elevator, and that there’s no other way to make the 8-mile climb to the top – with almost a mile of elevation gain – than to tackle the strenuous uphill trail and hope your legs will come along for the ride. Why not avoid the apoxia and take a virtual hike from the rim to the river with Google Earth’s National Park Tours?

  • Tik Tok Dance Challenges to Get Your Move on

    Hit the woah, slide to the left, say so, or whatever else it takes to get you up and dancing together. Tic Tok choreography has been a big source of inspiration and exercise for kids, adults, and families who are tired of spending so much time inside. A few of the routines take hours to learn, but most can be mastered in minutes. Either way, you’re sure to elevate your evening (and your endorphins) with these popular moves.

Spa Night is the Right Night

No, we didn’t forget about the romantic aspect of the holiday, we’re just saving the best for last. Create your own intimate and relaxing spa night with these simple suggestions:


  • Hot Tub-it At Home

    A long soak in a hot bath (no higher than 112 degrees) is the perfect way to start the night. While the tub fills, place lighted candles on the rim, drape soft towels on the racks, and find a playlist that sets the perfect mood. Add some aromatic bath salts to ease tension and kick-off a sense of relaxation that will carry you through the rest of the evening.

  • Show How Much You Knead Them

    Move the candles and music into another room, dim the lights, and get ready to tap your inner romanticist by delivering a memorable massage to your partner. Keep in mind that this isn’t a sports club rub-down, so don’t go into it determined to hammer out all the kinks. This one’s all about staying focused on, and listening to, the other person’s body. You can ask your partner for feedback if you feel any tension from them, but it’s hard to go wrong if you simply keep it slow, make it as sensual as you like, and let your hands do all the talking.


Susan McDowell

Writer, nature-lover, traveler, would-be artist and ex-adventurer, Susan McDowell creates content for Daydream’s social media and marketing communications.

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