The Bradley Wynwood

51 NW 26th Street

Miami, FL 33127



Note: If you are arriving after business hours, please call (305) 331-0962 for access to the building. Be prepared to show proper identification to obtain your room keys. 


Check-In Step One

Front Entrance

The Bradley Wynwood’s main entrance is located at 51 NW 26th Street. This is indicated by the number 51 above the lobby doors.

Check-In Step Two

Lobby Elevators

Once you enter the building and receive your key-fob, proceed to the elevators located at the back of the lobby.

Check-In Step Three

Accessing Your Floor

Once you are inside the elevator, press your key-fob against the reader located to the left of the elevator buttons. Once it turns green, you may select the floor for where your apartment is located. For example, apartment 403 is located on the fourth floor.

Check-In Step Four

Locating Your Apartment

Once you exit the elevator, follow the posted signs on the wall to find your apartment.

Check-In Step Five

Accessing Your Apartment

To open the door, simply press your key-fob against the reader just above the door handle until the light turns green. Then, turn the handle to access your apartment.