A Great Company Starts with Exceptional People: The 2020 Daydream Team Awards

We’re building something new and exciting from the ground up at Daydream, and we’ve got the freedom, the passion, and the amazing employees to make it happen. Our talented and diverse team of experts from a variety of industries (hospitality, multi-family, investment, real estate, consulting, the arts and more), means that we’ve got one of the most energetic, innovative, and empowered teams in this (okay, in any) industry.

But even with such a diverse culture, the one thing we all have in common is that we treat one another like humans, not just colleagues. We invest in the success of others, support our teammate’s goals, and strive to create genuine connections. This investment in others is great for building a strong company culture but can make it a little difficult when it comes to giving out awards, if only because we work with so many truly exceptional people.

But there are still some who stand out to all of us. They’re the superstars who shine just a little brighter than most and encourage the rest of us to do the same – especially when things get challenging. This year we’re so proud to announce the winners of the 1st Annual Daydream Team Awards. They truly are rock stars of the highest order, and we’re so happy that they’re part of the Daydream team.

Each winner was awarded a monetary gift, along with a sizable donation to the cause of their choice. Because giving back to our communities is another passion of ours, and one our employees support through our Every Day We Dream initiative. And if being part of an exciting team of talented experts who work from both their heads and their hearts appeals to you, check out our Career page. Because a company can never have too many superstars.

1st Annual Daydream Team Awards Winners

Esteban Nuanes
Regional Manager, Maintenance

Winner of our 2020 Spirit of Daydream Award, Esteban began his career as the Building Services Manager at Union Denver and was quickly promoted to the Regional role where he has set the bar for the rest of the company. He works tirelessly to keep all our communities running smoothly and leads with his heart, and is the prime example of the kind, genuine and compassionate team member everyone wants to work with.

Kathleen Bates
General Manager, Union Denver

Our General Manager of the Year, Kathleen is a strong voice for both residents and her team in all situations – a difficult balance that Kathleen nails every time. She’s a true leader and a great example to those around her, and we’re so fortunate to have her on the Daydream team.

David Mendelsberg
Director, Technology Operations

David won the Outstanding Contribution Award, which was no surprise to us. Wherever there’s a technology need, David is there. His attention to detail, tireless work ethic, and genuine desire to help everyone around him be better, make him a joy to work with.

Lauren Guthrie
Manager, Property Transitions

Lauren’s energy, skill, and hard work allows everyone around her to excel at their own job, which is why she also won our Outstanding Contribution Award. She’s a strong leader, willing to jump in wherever needed. Thanks for making every day a little better for us all, Lauren!



Susan McDowell
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